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Degree(s) Info:

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Tennessee

Masters of Art Education, L.S.U.




As an artist and musician, I have been teaching art for over twenty years. I have had a lifetime career in art related ventures such as saddle making and design and illustrating for the National Park Service.  Locally, I have designed jewelry for Lee Michael’s, drawn cakes for Baum’s bakery and created a large canon of illustrations, paintings and mosaics.  I try to bring a unique vision for my students based in the reality of a career in art.


Since I became a part of the Talented Visual Art staff in Baton Rouge, my students have exhibited their works in many venues including an exhibit in France alongside the works of master painter Cezanne. My students have won many awards in competitions and their work has been published in numerous publications and calendars.  Many of my students also work closely with the Talented Music and Talented Theatre students in cross-curriculum collaborations in set design and construction.


I believe that art is a very personal journey and demands great student skill and enthusiasm as I guide my students by introducing new techniques and approaches to creating art that are both challenging and creative. Even after all these years of teaching, I am still amazed by the incredible artworks my students produce.


Students are graded for participation, (this includes work area clean up), project quality and completion. There is also a midterm and final test dealing with basic art vocabulary, techniques and color theory


Goals and objectives:


Success….for each and every student. Mr. Morton wants his students to develop strong portfolios that can shape future career and educational decisions.



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YOUTUBE is a great source of lessons on art,music,and just about anything you want to learn.

Eat healthy and make good art!.


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